Full coverage: Calderon family probes

California Sen. Ronald S. Calderon, brother charged in FBI probe

Calderon says investigation is payback

Calderon, a state senator, says he refused a request from federal investigators to wear a wire in a sting operation.

Sen. Ronald Calderon stripped of committee assignments amid inquiry

Sen. Ronald Calderon is accused of accepting bribes. In addition, hearings open for Sen. Tom Berryhill.

Donors began distancing themselves from Calderon before probe

Corporate donors revamped a political committee that gave funds to Ronald and Tom Calderon.

For the Calderons, politics and its money are the family business

Four Calderon family members who have served in California's Capitol use their political muscle to help one another, hinder foes.

FBI search of Calderon office rocks California Capitol

As FBI agents targeted California state Sen. Ron Calderon, a lawmaker fears the probe will taint others in the Legislature.