2 car crashes, assault, rooftop drama, evacuation, all in one incident

Rancho Sante Fe incident involves two car crashes, an assault, a suspect on a roof

A 33-year-old man was arrested early Friday on suspicion of causing two vehicle crashes, assaulting a good Samaritan and then climbing on the roof of a house in Rancho Sante Fe.

The incident, which began shortly after midnight, involved the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the fire departments of Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas.

Josh Harrington was taken to the hospital with injuries suffered in two vehicle accidents and may face a variety of charges, officials said.

Also taken to the hospital was a 53-year-old man who was allegedly assaulted after he stopped to see if Harrington needed help after he crashed his vehicle into a tree.

Instead, officials said, Harrington stole the man's car and drove away at high speed, crashing into a nearby home. He then climbed onto the roof of the house and refused immediate requests to come down.

The residents of the home, awakened by the sound of a vehicle crashing in their frontyard, were evacuated for safety.

Eventually Harrington came down from the roof and was taken to the hospital, officials said.

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