En route to prom, teen girl falls from party bus onto freeway

17-year-old girl survives fall onto freeway after toppling from party bus on way to prom

A 17-year-old Orange County girl survived a fall onto a freeway after she toppled out of a party bus full of high school students en route to prom.

The bus was traveling south on the 73 Freeway in Orange County about 7:20 p.m. Saturday when the girl toppled over and fell through a left-side window, KTLA-TV reported, citing the California Highway Patrol in Orange County.

The girl managed to get to the center divider, and the driver pulled over to the shoulder, CHP officials said in a news release. She was treated for minor injuries at a hospital.

Later that night, she updated friends on Twitter. “There is an angel looking over me, thanking god to be alive,” Charlotte Boyse tweeted. “Thank you for all your concern.”

According to Facebook posts from the girl’s father, Conrad Boyse, two of her friends grabbed Charlotte as she fell, causing her to land feet-first and saving her from grave injuries.

“She would unquestionably be dead either then, or in the next few minutes without them,” Boyse wrote of his daughter’s friends. He added that many of the friends skipped the prom and went straight to the hospital to see his daughter.

In a post Sunday night, Boyse said his daughter had been released from the hospital. “We're back home and Charlotte is surrounded by flowers and friends,” he wrote.

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