Southern California Moments

Southern California Moments Your photos from around the Southland and beyond
Colorful, classic car culture

Photographer Javier Guillen is extremely proud of his hometown of East Los Angeles. Also an avid Instagrammer, he loves "capturing images that best represent" his neighborhood.

On Nov.

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Flashback Friday: A lucky vantage point

Hannah Kayleen MacKenzie and a friend were wandering the Hollywood Hills on a pictureseque Spring day in April.

They stumbled upon the empy lot of a home that had just been torn down to make room for a new development, and as a result were serendipitously treated to this view of downtown Los Angeles.

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Goodbye, Death Valley

When California Gold Rush seekers rolled their wagons through a dry valley in 1849, not everyone in the group lived to tell the tale. In their escape, one of the survivors said "Goodbye, Death Valley."

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My name is Happiness

Nima Razfar was walking on Broadway between 6th and 7th streets when he spotted this woman pushing a cart along the sidewalk. Razfar, a photographer, was immediately taken with her outfit.

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A blur of rush-hour lights

As a photographer and an Angeleno, Ernie Leyba hopes his photos will inspire people to explore the Los Angeles that we don't see on television. "Put down the guide book, avoid the touristy places and explore what our city has to offer," he said. After a long day at work, Leyba headed to the First Street bridge to make an image of the L.A.

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A cloudy cushion for Mt. Baldy

Every day after work, My Le drives up Mount Baldy to catch the sunset.

Now that the weather is getting colder, the mountain is starting to see more fog and clouds.

"On some days the fog is really thick, but if you just wait it out, the wind will move the fog away and you’ll get a nice little opening," Le said. "You can see through it to the mountains."

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