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Viewing a sunset

Tianhe Yang's black-and-white photo caught a unique view of a sunset at Santa Monica Pier

Sunset photos are always beautiful, but the search is always on to see how they can be presented differently, something that isn't the usual picturesque way of seeing things.

Photographer Tianhe Yang's black-and-white photo stood out for its use of shadows and one central character as he stood watching the sun set from Santa Monica Pier.

"A man was staring into the horizon with a hand in his blazer pocket, relaxed and deep in thought, when the clouds parted and the sunset covered him in a warm glow," Yang wrote in an email. "I knew that I had to get the image of him standing alone under the streetlamp as he shielded his face with a dramatic gesture."

Yang took the photo with a Leica M8 and a Voigtlander 15-millimeter Heliar Aspherical lens, using RawTherapee to edit the photo.

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