The 2016 Democratic National Convention just wrapped its first day in Philadelphia. Here's what's happened:

• Tonight's speakers included Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama.
Watch their full speeches below.

• Matt Pearce kept up his reporter's journal from the streets of Philadelphia.

• A series of leaked emails revealing the party’s pro-Hillary Clinton tilt has overshadowed efforts to rally delegates behind the presumptive nominee.

• Nearly every mention of Hillary Clinton's name was met with a chorus of boos from the convention floor. Bernie Sanders' supporters also shouted down speakers at California's delegation gathering and booed when he implored them to support Hillary Clinton. Tonight's convention theme was "United Together."

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A bump for Trump: Convention generates a bounce for the GOP

 (Brian van der Burg/Los Angeles Times)
(Brian van der Burg/Los Angeles Times)

The Republican convention has generated a modest increase so far in Donald Trump’s poll standing, moving the New York businessman back into a lead over Hillary Clinton.

Through Sunday, the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” tracking poll of the race shows Trump gaining about three percentage points in the aftermath of the convention. That would be roughly in line with the convention bounces enjoyed by Democratic and Republican nominees in the past three election cycles.

As of Sunday, the poll, which is updated daily, showed Trump leading Clinton 45%-41%.

As of Sunday, the poll, which is updated daily, showed Trump leading Clinton 45%-41%. The lead is within the poll’s margin of error of 3 percentage points in either direction, meaning that the apparent lead could be the result of chance.

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