Donald Trump makes vulgar statements about women in leaked audio.

Lots of people have questions about the USC/L.A. Times tracking poll; here are some answers

A lot of readers have noticed that our USC/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll is different from other polls. Since we started publishing the poll in July, it has had Donald Trump in the lead more often than not. That’s in contrast to overall polling averages.

Here are some of questions we’ve been asked so far:

How is the Daybreak poll different from other surveys?

The poll asks a different question than other surveys. Most polls ask people which candidate they support and, if they are undecided, whether there is a candidate they lean to. The Daybreak poll asks people to estimate, on a scale of 0 to 100, how likely they are to vote for each of the two major candidates or for some other candidate. Those estimates are then put together to produce a daily forecast.

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