Donald Trump makes vulgar statements about women in leaked audio.

More than 75 evangelical leaders call Trump out on bigotry, racism

A group of more than 75 evangelical leaders have declared that despite poll numbers showing evangelical support for Donald Trump, they do not.

The list, posted Thursday on a petition, includes a multiracial group of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans and whites.

“We cannot ignore this bigotry, set it aside, just focus on other issues, or forget the things Mr. Trump has consistently said and done,” the declaration reads. “No matter what other issues we also care about, we have to make it publicly clear that Mr. Trump’s racial and religious bigotry and treatment of women is morally unacceptable to us as evangelical Christians.”

The authors make clear that this denouncement of Trump is not a show of support for Hillary Clinton.

But they point to what they call the rise of white nationalism, “xenophobic appeals to religious intolerance” and demonizing of minority groups —¬†immigrants, Mexicans and Muslims — as examples of why they refuse to support the Republican nominee. This could throw into question Trump’s lockdown of the evangelical vote.

More than 4,000 people had signed the petition online by Friday morning. The goal is 5,000.

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