Donald Trump campaigns in Florida. Hillary Clinton heads to Arizona and Nevada.

Fighting the urge to declare a certain win, Trump tells supporters, 'Pretend it's close'

Donald Trump's signature brand of braggadocio doesn't particularly mesh well with the sense of urgency he's hoping to instill in his supporters less than a week before election day. 

In Miami on Wednesday, he openly wrestled with his natural inclination to declare certain victory with a more tactical admission that the race would be close. So he did both.

"The polls are all saying we’re going to win Florida," Trump told an enthusiastic crowd at an outdoor amphitheater next to Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami. "Don’t believe it, don’t believe it. Get out there and vote. Pretend we’re slightly behind."

Later he veered into his standard boasts of overwhelming support and record turnout that undoubtedly, in his view, point to a Nov. 8 victory. 

"The polls have just come up — we’re way up in Florida," Trump said before he caught himself mid-brag. "I shouldn’t say that because I want you to go vote!"

He urged his supporters to share in the fantasy of a tight race to keep them motivated.

 "Ok, ready, we’re going to pretend we’re down," he instructed. "We’re down! Pretend, right?"

Recent polls indicate that the race in Florida, a perennial battleground, is indeed close. The Real Clear Politics polling average shows a neck-and-neck race, with Trump currently holding a one-point advantage.

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