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Voting restrictions echo Jim Crow laws, Hillary Clinton says

 (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton told an audience of black parishioners on Thursday that she would fight voting restrictions that make it harder for minorities to cast ballots.

“It is a blast from the Jim Crow past," she said at the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Democrats have been fighting Republican-created laws in some states that restrict early voting or require government identification, winning a recent battle in North Carolina. 

The reference to voting rights was one of several appeals Clinton made to black voters, who polls show overwhelmingly support her over Republican candidate Donald Trump.

"Our nation's values are being questioned in this election," Clinton said, pointing to allegations that the Trump family's company refused to rent to black residents. The case resulted in a settlement with the federal government years ago. 

"We are facing a candidate with a long history of racial discrimination in his business," she said. 

Clinton also lingered on her Methodist faith, saying Americans deserve "a president that will pray with you and for you."

And she talked about how Jesus commanded people to love one another.

“That’s a hard commandment to obey," she said wryly. "Sometimes it’s really hard for me."

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