Donald Trump campaigns heavily in Florida this week. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaign together in New Hampshire.

  • Donald Trump is tweeting, this time about "phony polls"
  • Though the Republican candidate is down, he received his first endorsement from a prominent newspaper
  • That doesn't mean he's happy with the press. He told an interviewer he would like to make it easier to sue for libel
  • A report ties donation from Hillary Clinton friend to FBI official's spouse
  • Republicans fear Trump's woes will flip the Senate control to Democrats
  • What states are in play in the final weeks?

Donald Trump visits a pumpkin patch and tells farmers that the election is 'rigged'

It's not every day a wealthy real estate mogul alights at a pumpkin patch, but presidential campaign history is studded with candidates appearing out of their element.

So there was Donald Trump on Monday, crunching the ground at Bedners Farm and Market in South Florida to meet with local growers. He promised to slash regulations that business owners complain hamper their operations.

But what he really wanted to talk about was his grievance over the "rigged" election that he said he is nevertheless leading.

"We're actually winning," Trump told the farmers assembled at a barn-like hall next to the pumpkins.

An average of polls shows Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton by a little over six percentage points nationally. For comparison, President Obama beat Mitt Romney by about four points in 2012. 

"I think we're going to win Florida big," he added.

Clinton is also closing in on an electoral college victory, according to polls of battleground states.

Wholesale nursery owner Steve Homrich stopped by to hear Trump's pitch, even though he is nearly set on voting for Trump. He was hoping for policy specifics, he said.

Instead Trump barraged the farmers with his complaints about polling from the "phony, disgusting, dishonest papers" that report him trailing Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Voter Alys Murcia, who took the day off work to show her 2-year-old daughter, Tatyana, the cows and pumpkins at the farm, was not pleased to find out Trump was coming.

"I just don't think he's fit" to be president, she said. "He's just not a people person. You have to take other people into consideration and not point fingers.

And then, knowingly or not, she turned Trump's own insult back on him: "He's just a nasty person."

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