American Values and the Next President

A Times editorial series on the values and issues that will shape the 2008 election. Click here to read Editorial Page Editor Jim Newton's introduction to the series on the Opinion L.A. blog. Click here to check out reader responses and find more at Opinion L.A.
This editorial concludes our examination of the values that have historically defined our nation, and moves us to the next phase of our rumination on the 2008 presidential campaign: focusing on the candidates themselves.

An introduction to The Times' editorial series on American values and the election.
The 2008 discussion on abortion, capital punishment and stem-cell research.
Personal freedom, federalism and the future of the Supreme Court.
Taxation, economic policy and technology.
Key environmental issues of the day, and where the candidates stand on them.
Urban policy, poverty, insfrastructure and disaster response.
The reconstruction of
American power and prestige post-Iraq.
Education, immigration and healthcare.
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