More than 500 cities around the world, including 40 in California, hosted a March for Science on Saturday. In Los Angeles, thousands descended on downtown. High-profile speakers included seismologist Lucy Jones and billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer.

But what does a March for Science even mean? And what did the attendees hope to accomplish? To answer these questions and more, our reporters Deborah Netburn and Javier Panzar and photographer Genaro Molina braved the heat and the science-believing masses. Follow their journey below:

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Deer head prop turns, er, heads at the march

 (Javier Panzar / Los Angeles Times)
(Javier Panzar / Los Angeles Times)

There were several eccentric costumes at Saturday's march. But few props turned heads quite like Mike Gloria's deer head. 

He found the cervine specimen at an estate sale in Hollywood a couple of weeks back with no intent of it becoming a political prop. 

But when the retired 58-year-old electrician saw the science march was approaching, he figured that he had found the perfect place to bring it. 

"This is what happens if we defund science," he said walking across 1st Street toward City Hall. "Animals die off."

Gloria carefully weaved between protesters making sure that an errant antler didn't take out a stranger's eye.

"This is about science, right?" he said. "Well, science and the wilderness are connected. Just love animals."

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