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Nature STAP stem cell studies retracted after more errors found

STAP stem cells: After conducting its own investigation, Nature retracts controversial studies claiming stem cell advance.

Scientists use cloning to make stem cells matched to two adults

Scientists replicate a study that produced the world's first cloned human embryos and used them to make stem cells.

Scientists report another embryonic cloning success

Scientists announced another success in human therapeutic cloning

Researchers claim stem cell advance

Researchers say they successfully generated embryonic stem cells using mouse embryos -- something many thought was impossible.

Scientists use stem cells, mouse body to make a real human liver

Scientists used iPS stem cells to grow a liver bud, which matured into a functional liver once transplanted into a mouse.

New method makes stem cells in about 30 minutes, scientists report

Regenerative medicine: Scientists come up with faster, more efficient method for making pluripotent stem cells.

Pig bladders help wounded humans regrow damaged muscle, scientists say

Scientists used proteins from pig bladder to help humans grow new muscle in their severely damaged legs, a study shows.

Stem cells created without destroying embryos

C. Randal Mills to head California's stem cell agency

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine appoints C. Randal Mills as stem cell agency's new president and chief executive.