Clippers considering a change to their logo, colors and uniform

Clippers considering a change to their logo, colors and uniform
Are Chris Paul and the Clippers ready for a change in uniform? (Danny Moloshok / Associated Press)

The Clippers are considering introducing a new logo, colors and uniform as early as this off-season. Photos of the potential new uniforms are being posted on the Internet.

"I've seen it but I haven't really looked at it, to be honest," Clippers Coach Doc Rivers said before practice Friday. "I couldn't even tell you how it looked. I don't mind change. I think change is good, right?"

Ever since former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Clippers for $2 billion in August, he's talked about rebranding the team. The Clippers used to be the laughingstock of the NBA before they acquired Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. They've now made the playoffs four seasons in a row.

Ballmer might be interested in making some changes to the Clippers' brand, but back in November he intimated the Clippers will keep their name.

"The word Clippers means something now," Ballmer said in November. "It didn't mean much probably a year and half ago but it means something today. If I was to give you my visceral view, my track record is on display. Here we are, 30 years later and Windows is still called Windows. It hasn't changed its name."

The Clippers will play the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs, their first game being at Staples Center on Sunday at 7:30 p.m.