Lakers' Nick Young shows off new hairdo at practice

Lakers' Nick Young shows off new hairdo at practice
Lakers forward Nick Young takes part in a team practice session Wednesday. (Eric Pincus)

Lakers guard/forward Nick Young hasn't played since Feb. 22 because of an injured left knee.

Meanwhile, Young shot free throws after the Lakers' practice on Wednesday, sporting a new, controversial hairdo.

"It looks like a bunch of worms," said Scott. "When I first saw him, I just started cracking up laughing. I said, 'You must have lost a bet.'"

"People with no hair wouldn't understand," retorted Young, who has a small fracture on his left kneecap that will not require surgery. "I would be mad at somebody that had hair, if I didn't have hair."

"I just felt like it was time for a change," said Young, who skirted questions about his balky knee. "I was watching 'Kid and Play,' then I was sitting home and watching 'Booty Call' -- I was like 'Jamie Foxx has a nice haircut I want to try. That's the inspiration behind it."

Jeremy Lin had no words to offer on Young's look, although he did sigh and shake his head.

Rookie Julius Randle, who is working diligently on his rehab (leg, foot) to be ready to play for the Lakers' summer league squad in Las Vegas, called Young's hairdo "very special."

"He looks like the guy from 'Boyz N the Hood,' O-Dog, whatever his name is. That's the haircut he's going for," said Randle. "But what else can you expect from Nick?"

As far as Young's participation in practice, what was he able to accomplish Wednesday?

"Nothing," said Scott. "He was able to come out and sign some autographs, because we had an autograph session today. Then he went back in and got treatment [on the knee]."

Through 42 appearances for the Lakers, Young has averaged 13.4 points a game while shooting just 36.6% from the field. He will be re-evaluated next week.

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