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Did Khris Davis miss home plate after home run vs. Giants? [Video]

Milwaukee outfielder Khris Davis put his foot down directly in the middle of home plate after trotting around the bases following his third-inning home run Sunday against San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum.

Too bad Davis wasn't that exact two innings earlier after his first home run of the day against Lincecum. Could've saved everyone at Miller Park a lot of time.

Take a look at that initial bomb by Davis in the video above. He crushes it, rounds the bases and casually trots across the plate. All the home fans are celebrating an apparent 1-0 Brewers lead.

But then the discussions started, involving both managers and the entire umpiring crew. Eventually play appeared to resume, with Brewers' Ryan Braun in the batter's box, but the drama wasn't over.

Lincecum lobbed the ball to Giants catcher Andrew Susac, who stepped on home plate. Umpire Will Little then called Davis out for not touching home -- a call that was immediately challenged by San Francisco Manager Bruce Bochy.

A lengthy review ensued. Here's what they were looking at:

Eventually the call was reversed, giving Milwaukee a 1-0 lead. But even with Davis' additional homer in the third inning, the Brewers couldn't hold off the Giants, who rallied to an 8-4 victory.

After the game, Davis would have nothing to do with questions about the controversial home run, repeating variations of the phrase, “It's not about me, it's about the team,” whenever the topic came up.

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