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Shop for world-class art in a laid-back setting in Santa Fe, N.M.

Although it's considered one of the top art centers of the Western world, Santa Fe has its drawbacks. Like the lack of sidewalks on much of well-known Canyon Road, home to more than 100 galleries. I thought about this when a Pepsi truck driver honked and sternly yelled "Watch out, lady" as I sidestepped a muddy puddle on the cobblestone street.

Still, Canyon Road has its charms.

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Hello, Freddy! For first time ever, Warner Bros. offers a Halloween tour
Flooding at Death Valley temporarily closes Scotty's Castle, road to Badwater

Popular tourist spots at Death Valley National Park remained closed Monday after a deluge of rain flooded the park Sunday, stranding visitors and blocking the major east-west California 190 that cuts through the park.

As of Monday, part of Badwater Road -- which leads to the lowest point in the U.S.

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Try out that new lens on L.A. Zoo's supermodels during special photo day

Here's a way to grab your camera and come home with some astounding photos of lions or giraffes without having to get on an airplane.

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is hosting its once-a-year photo day on Nov. 8. This is a chance for beginners and experienced photographers alike to learn how to get the best shots of animals.

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In this haunted experience, your greatest fears wait behind the 17th Door

After signing a waiver and getting locked inside the 17th Door haunted experience, you’ll need to remember three things: Each of the 17 rooms is more intense than the last, the monsters will touch you and the safe word is “mercy.”

And what lies behind the 17th Door? Your greatest fears - and one of the most anticipated haunted experiences of the Halloween season in Southern California.

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What does $7 buy these days? A ride from Long Beach to LAX

FlyAway Bus service connecting Long Beach and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will begin in December, just in time for the holidays.

Tickets will cost $7 each way for the first six months, according to an L.A. World Airports statement. You'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper price for the roughly 20-mile ride.

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