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Love is in the air: They met on a plane, and then married on one too

The wedding ring inscriptions say it all: 5B and 5C. Those are the seats that Serbian actress Vjera Mujovic and German doctor Stefan Preis took on a Turkish Airlines flight to Mongolia a year ago.

This would be the meet-cute, if this were a Hollywood movie script. But it isn't -- it's a true-to-life travel story.

The two met on the plane, just happened to be seated together and a year later said "I do" May 6 on a Turkish Airlines commercial flight -- booked in the same seats -- from Belgrade to Istanbul. (Watch the wedding and their love story below.)

Friends and family were on board to witness the Wedding in the Clouds, as it was called. The airline provided food, violins, rose petals and a wedding cake.

"New destination wedding location: a plane! This couple even met on a plane," Yahoo Travel tweeted.

Of course Vjera and Stefan aren't the only two people who fell in love on a plane (though they may be among the few to get married on one).

Two flight attendants on an Air Canada flight...

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Spirit, which brought you the 'Bare Fare,' starting L.A.-Oakland service

Love 'em or hate 'em, Spirit Airlines will be jumping into the L.A.-to-the-Bay Area market this fall. The no-frills (or pay-as-you-go frills) airline will start new service in November.

Spirit hopes to compete with Southwest, JetBlueVirgin America and other carriers by operating two daily flights -- one in the morning, one in the evening -- between Los Angeles  (LAX) and Oakland (OAK).

The airline calls it the "Bay to Basin" corridor.

Bare Fare and Frill Control pricing have been a mainstay of Spirit's "crazy low fares." Fees for items such as more than one small carry-on bag, seat assignments and printing out a boarding pass allow passengers to "only pay for the options they choose," in Spirit-speak.

"Your Bare Fare doesn't include refreshments -- even water -- because it costs money to stock 'em and gas to carry 'em. We have snacks and drinks for sale if you need a little somethin,'" the airline's website says in explaining its pricing.

The new service brings to 13 the number of Spirit...

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Tips for dealing with car rental problems

My recent rental car experience was like 90 miles of rough road.

When I arrived to pick up the car, there was no car, despite a reservation. I eventually got a car, but it got a flat tire, so the car was towed 70 miles so I could pick up another car. (Why it was 70 miles when there were locations nearby, I still don't know.)

When I dropped off the second car, I was overcharged. I also paid for insurance I didn't need. (Before you begin to speculate about my intelligence, I can explain.)

To help make sense of my experience, I spoke with my friend Lily La (no relation to me), who spent two years working at a national car rental company. With her help, here are some pearls of car rental wisdom:

Expect delays

Don't assume you'll pick up your car swiftly and go. Even though I made a reservation, there was no car waiting for me when I arrived. (This "Seinfeld" clip sums up the situation well.)

An employee drove me to another location to pick up the car. From the roundabout route, I suspect he...

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Five museum fashion exhibitions you must see this summer

Fashionistas, you might want to get on a plane this summer to take in these five museum shows that amplify how fashion and design can transform and elevate.

The big Metropolitan Museum of Art show in New York City that explores China's influence on the West in material ways is a good place to start.

The multi-level exhibition dazzles by flipping back and forth between ancient robes side by side with modern haute couture creations. It's mesmerizing — equal parts exotic, extreme (the stunning gold lamé evening gown) and inspiring.

1. China is the inspiration for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion exhibition that runs through Aug. 16. The collaboration with the Costume Institute is called "China: Through the Looking Glass."

The show looks at the profound and exotic effect the country has had on fashion designers such as Yves St Laurent, Coco Chanel, designer John Galliano and others.

The accent here is on ancient robes, films, porcelain, art objects — and their adaptations in the hands...

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How to know how much junk you can fit in a rental car trunk

Daniel Fink of Beverly Hills says he likes driving small cars in Europe. Given the cost of gasoline, that makes financial sense.

But will everything fit in the trunk?

His wife wants to take a 24-inch suitcase. Will that work?

The rental car websites said "370 cubic liters (that translates to about 13 cubic feet) or had little icons of midsize and small suitcases, but didn't say how big those suitcases actually were," Fink said in an email.

He said he thought two 24-inch suitcases, two backpacks and two rolling carry-on bags might fit -- but that there wasn't room for error.

It's a "bad idea to leave luggage visible when traveling," Fink noted.

The solution: a site sponsored by the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs, or RICA, in Britain. It provides consumer information for elderly and disabled people, Fink said.

"The website has detailed dimensions including for vehicle entrance and exit (door sill height, opening size, etc.) and 'boot' [trunk] space," he said.  "Converting the centimeters...

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Admission to go up at national parks on Hawaii's Big Island and Maui

Entrance fees at two of Hawaii’s national parks will increase Monday, although the admission price remains modest compared with other attractions.

The increases will occur in stages at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano is spewing lava, and at Haleakala National Park on Maui, a dormant volcanic crater.

Beginning June 1, the per-vehicle fee will increase from $10 to $15. It will climb to $20 in 2016 and $25 in 2017.

Motorcyclists will pay $10 starting June 1, $15 in 2016 and $20 in 2017.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will be charged $8 beginning next week, with increases to $10 next year and $12 in 2016.

Up until now, with one exception, camping at various sites within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has been free. Now a fee of $10 per site per night will go into effect June 1.

Officials said the increases are in line with fees already charged at other national parks with similar amenities. The added revenue will help fund improvements in both...

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