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Revolution restoration to return Six Flags Magic Mountain coaster to its rightful glory

They said it would never happen.

Six Flags Magic Mountain will remove the universally despised over-the-shoulder restraints on the Revolution roller coaster and replace them with modern snug-fitting lap bars in 2016.

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Fliers, sound familiar? New Amtrak loyalty program will give you points based on how much you spend

Like some airlines, Amtrak is changing its customer loyalty program to award points based on the money you spend, not on how far you’re traveling..

An announcement from the rail agency last week says new rules for the Amtrak Guest Rewards  begin Jan. 24.

Amtrak's frequent riders can earn 2 points per dollar spent, with upper-tier members earning 2.5 points to 4 points per dollar.

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At Burning Man, you'll see lots of crazy driving: cupcake cars, an octopus, even a mobile phone
Why now is the best time to get (or renew) a passport

If you need a passport for an upcoming trip, don't put it off. September, October and November are quieter months when your new or renewed passport will be processed more quickly than any other time of the year.

The U.S. Department of State on Tuesday said it expects demand to increase starting in January.

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Top 16 for 2016: Best new rides coming to U.S. theme parks

At first I thought it was too early to look ahead at the new attractions coming to U.S. theme parks in 2016, but then I realized a number of big rides have already been announced and many more are already in the planning stages.

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It already seems like 2016 is shaping up as a good year for ride enthusiasts and theme park fans.

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A new app -- the Uber of airport food -- connects you to carry-aboard meals you might actually like

Don't want to wait in line at airport restaurants to order your next carry-on meal? Enter AirGrub, a new mobile app that allows you to order, pay and pick up your food before you board.

AirGrub, a Silicon Valley company, already has a presence at airports in San Francisco, Boston and New York City.

And AirGrub may be heading to Los Angeles International Airport.

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