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Deal: Free boat ride, mini golf, ice cream when you visit Catalina Island on your birthday

My friend Mary Pickert of Highland Park recently visited Catalina Island for the first time to celebrate her birthday.

"Because it was my birthday, I got a wealth a freebies -- from the boat ride there and back, to a visit to the botanical gardens, a hike (of course), free ice cream and a free round of mini-golf," she shared with friends on Facebook.

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Get ready for twangers (LeAnn Rimes, Merle Haggard), ropers and riders at Las Vegas' rodeo finals

You know it’s rodeo time in Las Vegas when casino cocktail waitresses swap their skimpy costumes for flannel shirts and blue jeans.

Thousands of cowboys and cowgirls will saddle up their pickups for the drive to southern Nevada for the National Finals Rodeo on Dec. 3-12 in Las Vegas. Many of the finest rodeo competitors will be riding and roping in pursuit of big cash prizes.

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8 car games -- slightly updated -- for your Thanksgiving road trip

Here are eight games for that car trip you’re taking this Thanksgiving weekend; they may appeal to a slightly older crowd that is, perhaps, a bit more cynical than a 6-year-old and is also interested in traveling, beyond being held captive in the family car.

Some are a freshening of old standbys—the Alphabet Game, Team Storytelling—and others are unique to California.

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Round-trip airfare to Budapest from LAX drops to $691

This round-trip fare to Budapest, Hungary, is priced at $691, including all taxes and fees, on Lufthansa and Swiss.

That’s about $200 cheaper than the best fare we found this week to London, and Budapest is about 1,000 miles farther from Los Angeles.

The fare is subject to availability, and you must stay at least one Saturday night, but you may not stay more than three months.

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Tail Lights aim to keep horses and their riders safe when the sun goes down

If a tail light for a horse sounds like a punch line to a joke, trust us, it’s no laughing matter.

Founder Sami Gros created the Tail Lights Rider Safety System to protect humans and horses after her horse, Afar, was hit by a car on a dusk ride. 

A consumer version of her LED front and tail light safety system for mounted police has launched on Kickstarter.

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This takes true grit: Santa poses for a selfie amid the sands of Waikiki

Even Santa’s elves are getting into the selfie thing. There they are, larger than life, telling Santa and Mrs. Claus and their reindeer to smile for the camera.

It takes a lot of grit to do that -- not because it’s cheeky but because this is a sand sculpture at the Sheraton Waikiki.

The hotel’s main lobby is well-known for its sand sculptures, which change throughout the year.

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