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A sub-$600 fare to Estonia from LAX on Turkish Airlines

You can get two and maybe three cities with this airfare deal for little more than the cost of the $564 round-trip fare from LAX to Tallinn, Estonia, on Turkish Airlines: Estonia’s capital is directly south of Helsinki on the Gulf of Finland, and an overnight layover in Istanbul may be required but with a free tour offered through Touristanbul.

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Yosemite's ski and snowboarding area is opening but getting there could be dicey
What can visitors expect from super snowy Mammoth this weekend? Here's our holiday tip sheet.

Mammoth Lakes visitors can expect a living snow globe this weekend. “Photos don’t do it justice,” said resident Cynthia Hayes on Thursday as snow continued to pile up at 4 to 6 inches an hour. “I’ve never seen snow like this, and I grew up in Saskatchewan.”

What can visitors expect this long holiday weekend, in terms of travel and services?

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Five tenors are taking on Las Vegas. And they sing rock 'n' roll, not opera

Tenors don’t only sing opera these days. Get ready to be rocked by five British tenors who are launching a new show this week in Las Vegas.

The Tenors of Rock are the newest act to open along the Strip. Their first show at Harrah’s Las Vegas was Wednesday evening.

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No fish story: There's a fish named Obama. Actually, there are two

When President Obama leaves office, part of his legacy will swim on. In a remote and almost inaccessible national monument about 1,300 miles from Honolulu, a recently discovered species of fish was named for the 44th president: Tosanoides obama.

Scientists described the new yellow and pink species as a coral reef fish, according to a research paper published in December.

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth home in Atlanta will reopen in time for Monday holiday

Eighty-eight years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was born in a modest Atlanta home. Now the house where he lived until age 12 will partly reopen Monday after being closed since August.

“We had some minor repairs that needed to take place,” says Judy Forte, superintendent of Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta. “There was wear and tear from foot traffic.

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