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You'll get face time and private concerts on Havana tours with Melissa Etheridge or Rufus Wainwright

Why not see Havana with musicians Melissa Etheridge, Ben Folds or Rufus Wainwright?

The entertainers are leading separate trips to Cuba that include everything a fan could dream of: meet-and-greets, exclusive concerts and performances with local musicians and cultural activities tours.

Rocker Folds is featured on a May 25 to 29 tour that focuses on music and photography.

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Thank the Pixies (the fruit, not the band) for this deal on tickets to Ojai's classical music fest

The Ojai Music Festival is now in its 71st year. Here's the secret to getting a break on tickets before the classical music fest begins in June: Buy reserved seats in April and save up to 20%.

The deal: Ojai gets a little giddy when its home-grown Pixie tangerines come into season.

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What to expect from Disney’s new ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” ride opening May 27 at Disney California Adventure will replace the venerable Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as the anchor of a new Marvel themed land.

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How to save money on your trip to Cuba

I’ve always been one to abide by important rules. I carry car insurance. I don’t cheat on my taxes, and when my family decided to visit Cuba, I wanted to comply with the U.S. government regulations for travel to the Communist-run island.

That would have been easy had we taken an organized tour, but at $5,000 to $10,000 a week each, it was costly.

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Here’s why airlines don’t always reveal the full truth about flight delays

Occasionally, a passenger will accuse an airline of not being truthful about why a flight is delayed.

As a flight attendant who has endured perhaps 2,000 flight delays during my 32-year career, I have never heard airline representatives issue a bald-faced lie.

But we are often guilty of omitting salient facts.

Consider the case some years ago of a flight from New York’s JFK to Zurich.

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Thanks to abundant snow, the West can expect a long, rollicking river rafting season

Chris Moore watched in awe this winter as the snow piled up on his multiple trips to Bear Valley Mountain Resort in the central Sierra.

“I’ve never seen a winter quite like this,” said Moore, California regional manager for O.A.R.S. rafting company.

“What all this snow means is it’s going to be a long and exciting whitewater season, so I’m stoked.

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