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Patt Says: Who was that unmasked covidiot with the fake ID?

Patt Says: Who was that unmasked covidiot with the fake ID?

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Maybe it was decades ago, or maybe it was just last year, but do you remember when you were underage and got one of those fake IDs to be able to get a drink at a bar?

It was juvenile, it was criminal, and it was dumb … right?

Well, here we go again: People using something like fake ID cards to try to get out of having to wear face masks.

These laminated cards floating around online let people claim that they have a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask, and if anybody messes with them or tries to stop them, THEY will call the Department of Justice, and YOU will be in a world of legal pain.

What a load of … microbes.

These cards are just meant to bully and intimidate some underpaid store clerk into letting an arrogant jerk walk in and shop without wearing a mask like every other shopper and clerk is wearing.

There’s a lot of political theater around this.

Maskless shoppers forced out of stores have screamed about “bleeping Democrats.” A shopper in Dana Point clearly was spoiling for a fight – she started filming even before she got to the door with her spiel about, “I’m not wearing a mask and I have a medical reason and I don’t have to tell you why so let me in or I’ll sue you.” A man in Runyon Canyon who showed up in a QAnon conspiracy T-shirt said if anyone tried to force him to wear a mask, he’d sic “Bill Barr’s Justice Department” on them.

Again and again, medical experts say there are extremely few legitimate reasons not to wear a mask, that even people with asthma and COPD can and should mask in public.

Rather than have a video hissy fit, any responsible person would call ahead to talk to a store manager, and carry a doctor’s letter, just as people do when they must avoid airport security metal detectors.

It reminds me of the people who, to avoid a measles vaccine, went doctor-shopping for an MD to write up a medical exemption. Some of those docs advertised on websites, and sometimes wrote exemptions without even seeing the patient.

Considering that nearly a hundred years ago, the Supreme Court decided that yes, the government CAN order you to get a smallpox vaccine, a mask requirement is on pretty legal sound ground.

And don’t forget -- the guys in the masks are the good guys.