Reading by 9: 3 apps that can get your child excited about reading

3 app logos show Duo ABC's, Teach Your Monster to Read and EPIC
Duo ABC’s, Teach Your Monster to Read and EPIC offer fun ways to help children learn to read.
(Duolingo, Teach Your Monster, Epic)

Duo ABC’s

Learning to read is easy and fun with this free app. The earliest levels start by teaching children their names and range from just starting out with letters up to 2nd grade comprehension tests. It adjusts to your child’s ability, making things easier if needed. You can start at your child’s current reading level and the games are self-motivating.

Teach your Monster to Read


Create your own monster and complete little funny games to earn money for clothes and physically progress your monster through levels. The animations are adorable and the narration is funny enough for parents to listen, too. This app is free on PC and requires a one-time payment on mobile.


Recommended for a variety of reading materials, this opp has great hands-off parental monitoring and control. Your child may be able to access this for free through school or pre-school, but if not, it is $11.99 monthly for instant access to tons of books, audiobooks and educational videos, all appropriately leveled with quizzes. Parents get a report on their child’s reading and can set goals.