The Morning Fix: Jennifer Grey won’t be put in corner. Miramax talks with YouTube. Comcast and Tennis Channel battle continues.


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After the coffee. Before wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving.

The Skinny: Safe travels for everyone and don’t let the TSA get you down. I’m guessing they don’t like it any more than you do. Miramax wants to put its library on YouTube. Turner Broadcasting says more commercials on the Internet will work. ‘Glee’ wants Katie Couric for its post-Super Bowl episode.


But will there be any new movies to see? Miramax, the once-legendary independent studio that was acquired by Disney and is now in the process of being sold to Filmyard Holdings LLC, a group headed by construction magnate Ron Tutor, is in talks with Google about putting its library on YouTube. This is the latest effort by YouTube to transform itself from a site of amateur videos and pirated material to a rival to iTunes and Netflix. Details on the talks from the New York Post, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

What’s a few more commercials amongs friends. Turner Broadcasting says consumers are willing to tolerate more advertisements in content that is streamed online. Currently, most networks offer their content online with far fewer commercials than television. In terms of stupidity, that move was right up there with giving it away for free online when people have to pay for it to watch on television. While getting consumers to pay to watch online may be a long battle, the industry is starting to realize they can jam more commercials down their throats with little risk and lots of reward. The New York Times with details of Turner’s study.

Interesting career move. The Wrap’s Sharon Waxman reports that film executive Chris McGurk, who used to head Liberty Media’s Overture, has a dream, and that dream is to run bankrupt video store chain Blockbuster. McGurk has been mentioned as a possible board member for Lions Gate. How do we get from Lions Gate to Blockbuster? Well, Icahn is the biggest shareholder of Lions Gate and is expected to get some board seats to spread around and he also has a lot of Blockbuster’s debt and is on that board. That’s a lot of dot-connecting but it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we have to fill this thing up with something.

‘Glee’ wants its biggest gleek for a cameo. Fox’s ‘Glee’ is trying to woo CBS anchor Katie Couric, a self-confessed big fan of the show, to do a guest spot on the episode that is airing after the Super Bowl, according to Deadline Hollywood. Before purists get up in arms about how undiginifed it would be for Couric to appear on the teen hit and how it would show a lack of gravitas on her part, let’s remember how often Brian Williams pops up on ’30 Rock’ or ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Even Walter Cronkite did an episode of ‘Mary Tyler Moore.’ That said, if I were CBS I’d advise against it anyway because Couric seems to be held to a different standard than her rivals and there is no reason to give critics even more ammunition.

Baer gets new home. Neal Baer, a longtime crony of ‘Law & Order’ creator Dick Wolf and currently the executive vice president of ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ is signing a production deal with CBS TV. Baer told Variety that ‘after more than a decade on ‘SVU,’ I felt it was time to take a breath and say, ‘What’s next?’’ Probably another cop drama, only for CBS this time and a bigger stake in the backend.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Nobody puts Jennifer Grey in the corner as she wins ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Betsy Sharkey on ‘Love and Other Drugs.’ Kenneth Turan on ‘Tangled.’ Comcast and the Tennis Channel bring in the line judge.

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