Obama on YOUR wall

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On Saturday, Jan. 17, the L.A. Times ran my story ‘Honey, He’s Home: Obama’s Image Is Popping Up in More and More Homes.’

The piece is about people who are hanging photos, posters and other kinds of Obamabilia on their walls and poses the question: Is it weird to have a photo of the president in your house, or is it kind of awesome?

A few readers wrote in to tell me about their Obama memorabilia and share photos. Here’s what they said:


‘Your article got my attention. To show you how extreme the Obama thing can get, I’ve been a registered Republican since about 1945, yet I framed and hung this newspaper front page [above] on my office wall. It came as wrapping for a Christmas present from my son in Germany.’ --John Richards ‘I read your article and couldn’t resist the opportunity to add my humble lodging to the rolls of history. I am living in a trailer here at Al Asad air base, Iraq, and I proudly display the cover from Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper, from Thursday, 6 November (they’re always a day behind the U.S. news because it’s edited in Europe). Here’s a link to my picture:’ --Jonathan Rabinowitz ‘On the evening of the presidential elections, I told my son (age 17 and a volunteer for the Dem Committee in Santa Clarita) that I remember when I was a teenager (in the ‘80s) going to friends’ homes and seeing photos of President Reagan in their living rooms and being amazed that they were so proud of their president that they would actually display a photo in their home. I told him that President-elect Obama so inspired me that I might even stick my neck out in this mostly Republican enclave of Valencia and display a photo of him in my home.... Well, I received a framed 8-by-10 photo from my son Michael, and it is proudly displayed on my entry table. I am inspired by him and seeing his photo every morning as I leave for work that I have a responsibility to make a difference every day.’ --Debbie Salgarolo, Valencia

I also received this note, about Bush memorabilia:

‘I enjoyed your piece about the president-elect. I have a picture of President Bush and his wife by my computer signed by them. I will replace it only after we see what kind of president we have elected. I do wish him well, or else God have mercy on the country.’ --Unsigned

Anyone else have something to add? Or photos? We love stories and photos.

--Deborah Netburn