A black eye at Dodger Stadium that needs to be removed

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As spring training grows near and the opening of a new season beckons, I have one request of that certain element of the Dodgers’ faithful … grow up.

You know who you are. Exactly what you are continually escapes me, probably because of the constant cringing.

For some reason, these Neanderthals feel compelled to flaunt their collective low IQ.

This is how it works. The Giants come to Dodger Stadium and at repeated points in the evening the chant will echo throughout the ballpark:


Giants suck!

Really, this is not clever. It’s not intelligent for a fourth grader. What it is, is embarrassing, though those busy with the self-demeaning miss the reality.

It doesn’t stop with the Giants. When Barry Bonds used to come to town, he drew special abuse. The Padres hear it, the Angels, the Phillies, almost any team or individual--provided he’s a star--can be showered with verbal stupidity.

It reverberates throughout the stadium, a black mark on the sports culture of Los Angeles. Really, you wonder what the rest of the country thinks. Ooooh, aren’t those L.A. fans just so mentally nimble? Regular Cameron Crazies.

Not that the chant hasn’t been heard in other ballparks or L.A. venues (Lakers), but it is Dodger Stadium where it seems headquartered even if most out of place.

Dodger Stadium remains one of the most beautiful and historic ballparks on Earth. It is supposed to be a great place to bring the family for a summer evening.

Los Angeles, and Dodger Stadium in particular, should be above such silliness. The majority of Dodgers fans are, but there are enough of the misguided to get the chant going, and enough misdirected youth ready to jump in.


Don’t think they’re upsetting the Giants. They’re not causing Tim Lincecum to toss one to the backstop.

They’re just displaying misguided support that causes nothing but unease for the rest of the fans. And a simple request--grow up.

-- Steve Dilbeck