Frank McCourt, the most despised man in the history of Los Angeles


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It’s hard to write this through the welling tears. Poor Frank McCourt, didn’t you know?

He’s a victim! It’s not his fault, it’s that mean ol’ Bud Selig!

Oh, the pain of it all. It’s a wonder the man has strength to step out of his Beverly Hills hotel. Maybe that’s why those $150 haircuts have to come to him. Somebody get me a hanky.

McCourt hasn’t done anything wrong. His heart is with his beloved team, a.k.a. his personal cash cow. If only Selig had just approved that Fox TV deal, the one where McCourt was supposed to get $385 million upfront. And then immediately divert $173.5 million of it for his personal use.


That un-American Selig, what’s an owner to do?

‘He’s turned his back on the Dodgers, treated us differently, and forced us to the point we find ourselves in today,’’ McCourt said in filing bankruptcy. ‘I simply cannot allow the commissioner to knowingly and intentionally be in a position to expose the Dodgers to financial risk any longer.’’

Got that? The commissioner did it. He is the great threat to the financial security of the Dodgers.

Though, I’m pretty sure Selig wasn’t the one who pulled out over $100 million from team assets to feed his Saudi prince lifestyle. Pretty sure he’s not the one who has driven the franchise into such a financial abyss he needs to desperately cash in on a new TV contract -- even though he has 2½ years left on his current deal.

Oh, that. Yeah, but don’t punish McCourt simply because he’s going through an ugly divorce.

Except it’s had almost zero impact on any of these financial misdeeds, other than to bring them to light. McCourt is in a mud pit of his own making, and his only solution is to add more water.

Every time you think McCourt can’t sink any lower, he pulls more slop out of his hat. It’s a very big hat. Through it all, however misguided and greedy, I always considered him intelligent.

But one of the multitude of people he owes money is Vin Scully ($152,778). That’s the dumbest move in the history of mankind. He should have dumped a private jet, borrowed money from his kids, sold Matt Kemp to the Giants -- anything but mess with Scully.

That just shows you how completely out of touch McCourt is with the team and his current place in the community. He is the most hated man in the history of Los Angeles. If I’m overlooking anyone, please advise.

Jamie McCourt’s high-profile attorney David Boies released a statement where he just couldn’t help but try to make the laughable case of what great shape the Dodgers were in when she was the chief executive, but he did get one thing absolutely correct:

‘The rule or ruin philosophy that appears to have motivated today’s filing is bad for everyone who cares about, or has an interest in, the Dodgers.’’

It’s the kind of philosophy that leaves you alone in a sea of contempt, captain of a ship that cannot be rescued. RELATED:

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-- Steve Dilbeck