Why I owe Vin Scully cookies (and you owe me)


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Vin Scully called me at home the other night.

This is the part where I sit back and gloat. Ha, ha, ha. I don’t care if you forgive me or not. I need to write it again.

Vin Scully called me at home the other night.

I witnessed the Lakers finally beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals at the old Boston Garden, Kirk Gibson’s home run and Muhammad Ali light the torch, but this rated right up there on my personal list of greatest sports moments.


“Hello, Steve, this is Vin Scully …”

My first reaction was, “Who do I know who can do such a great Scully impersonation?”

But as he went on, and began to explain his call, I realized this was the one and only. Now I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Scully for more than 30 years and spoken to him hundreds of times, but never before had he found cause to give me an unexpected phone call.

The impetus was a post I’d written that day on the Dodgers releasing their 2012 spring training broadcast schedule. In it I had one paragraph that read:

“The only sigh-inducing element is that Vin Scully will not broadcast any games from Camelback, so he won’t be heard from until April 3 when the Dodgers and Angels meet at Dodger Stadium. Maybe we should have sent him some cookies.”

The latter was a reference to when Scully announced on TV last August he’d return for a 63rd season of broadcasting the Dodgers while holding a pair of cookies sent to him by Woodland Hills costume designer Marti Squyres, and said then:

“God’s been awfully good to me, allowing me to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do. I asked him for one more year at least. He said, ‘OK, and be quiet, and eat your cookie.’ I’ll do the same thing.”

Less than a half-hour after the post about the Dodgers’ spring broadcasting plans came an email update from the team saying Scully was now scheduled to do a pair of games March 17 and March 18.


Scully said when he read my post about the broadcast schedule, and the cookies, he decided, “I could use a little spring training, too. So I’m going to do the St. Patrick’s Day game on March 17 against the Giants and then the following day against the Angels.”

In appreciation I promised him cookies, the responsibility of which was immediately passed on to the wife. She is very excited.

Now maybe that’s not exactly the way it all unfolded and how he decided to do a pair of 2012 spring games, but you’ll never convince me otherwise.

Because Vin Scully called me at home the other night.


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