Comic-Con: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and .. Kevin Smith?


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‘This show is so good that it’ll get you pregnant.’

And that’s what ‘Clerks’ director and fanboy icon Kevin Smith brought to the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ panel that he moderated Saturday. A bit of raunch, a scattering of F-bombs. And I don’t mean ‘frak.’ The panel included Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, creator Ron Moore and producer David Eick. Tahmoh Penikett came in later after having just appeared on the ‘Dollhouse’ panel.

No Edward James Olmos. No Mary McDonnell. No Grace Park. No Michael Hogan. No Aaron Douglas. Maybe I’m accentuating the negative, and many of them have been here before, but it would’ve been a nice way to say goodbye. They’ve definitely been making the farewell rounds already, and the cast may reassemble for next year’s Con, but the feeling of moving on seems to have invaded the group. Ron Moore addressed the show’s ending in saying ‘There was a general sense that it was time to go.’ Maybe for them ...


A teaser for next season was shown, but it didn’t answer any questions like ‘Who dies?’, ‘Where are the Cylons?’, ‘Is this earth and if it is what happened?’ or ‘Who is the fifth Cylon?’.

‘I can tell you it’s someone you’ve seen,’ said Ron Moore when asked about the fifth Cylon. Thanks, Ron. Now I’m sure the Internet’s abuzz over that.

Panel moments:

  • Kevin Smith started it off by mentioning that David Eick grabbed his gut when they hugged, something his wife does. It became a running joke during the introductions.
  • Katee Sackhoff imitating Tahmoh’s pretty-boy gun-firing stance was funny. He later denied it, only sayig that he often laughed maniacally while shooting guns.
  • Jamie Bamber on going from flight suit to fashion suit: ‘It was a breath of fresh air to be a catalog model for a bit.’ Also from Bamber, when describing an important moment in his character’s evolution: ‘Apollo’s turning point was when he punched Starbuck back when she hit him.’ Kevin Smith went on to say how great that was because it, for him, legitimized being able to hit women. I think he was joking.
  • James Callis on his character’s insatiable sexual appetite: ‘In an American mindset, bad guys get more tail.’ Also from Callis, on describing how he felt about his character being the subject of worship: ‘I must say that I kind of loved the whole idea.’
  • David Eick on the decision to make Michael Trucco a Cylon: ‘Well, we were like ‘Gaeta, Anders, Gaeta, Anders ...’
  • Some of their favorite moments included: Callis -- When Adama and Tigh spoke, just in a routine fashion about the day’s happenings and Adama said, ‘Are they still eating paper on this ship?’ Tigh said, ‘No.’ Adama said, ‘Why not?’ Tigh said, ‘Paper shortage.’ And they laughed. ‘The humanity, the humor.’ Ron Moore liked when Gaius put his head on the presidential desk, then lifted it up one year later. ‘Great piece of storytelling.’ And for David Eick, it is watching Starbuck and No. 6 beating each other up.
  • As the panel ended, and after Bamber called the group’s final show gathering a ‘disgraceful orgy of tears and lower-lip wobbling,’ the audience gave the cast a loud and lasting standing ovation.

-- Jevon Phillips