‘Lost’ producers vow ‘everything that matters will be answered’


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Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are Comic-Con royalty, so when they alluded to this being their last time addressing the throng as the producers of ABC’s ‘Lost,’ a mass groan rose from the crowd Saturday morning in Hall H.

Well, everyone knew this day was coming. Cuse and Lindelof had arrived to set up the sixth and final season of their desert-island thriller. And they tried to lessen the pain by billing their appearance as ‘fan appreciation’ day.

Lindelof assured the faithful that all the mythology and mysterious plot points would indeed be wrapped up this season.


‘Yeah, everything that matters will be answered,’ he told the crowd, still leaving some wriggle room for theorists (what doesn’t matter?). Cuse even took the step of saying he was locking the scripted ending in a sealed chest, which would prove the writers were not making everything up as they went along, as some skeptics have insisted.

As they have in the past, the producers made it clear that they were relieved to be able to announce a clear end date for the series. The pair famously battled over the issue with ABC executives, who were loath to let go of something with such a devoted fan base. ‘The biggest moment in the show’s life was when were able to announce the show’s death,’ Lindelof said.

But as for details on this final season, the producers revealed little. ‘We will be as honest and forthcoming as we never were,’ Lindelof joked at the beginning of the session.

Instead, the pair trotted out plenty of surprises aimed squarely at hardcore Losties. Hall H erupted in pandemonium when Jorge Garcia, who plays the beefy Hurley, showed up at the microphone to ask a question, only to be interrupted by costar Michael Emerson. As the two engaged in a mock argument, hundreds of fans screamed and lifted cellphones to snap a picture. The producers then showed a gag reel of Emerson, looking nervous and wearing a baseball cap, supposedly auditioning for the part of Hurley back in 2004.

Indeed, the session brought a cornucopia of bits that can be added to future DVDs and to the overall ‘Lost’ mythology. One favorite: A mock TV spot for Oceanic Airlines. That, of course, is the carrier at the center of the plane crash that launched the series.

— Scott Collins



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