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Here’s the composite face of America, at least, in its dreams: A person with the nose of Nicole Kidman, the jawline of Emily Blunt and the hair of Taylor Swift.

According to a new survey by facial plastic surgeons Richard Fleming and Toby Mayer of the Beverly Hills Institute, these are the celebrity features that plastic surgery patients nationwide desire the most.

“People just love her nose,” Fleming tells me. “The fact that she came up No. 1 again even though she hasn’t been as much in the public eye was very telling. Despite that, people keep consistently requesting her nose; this is a very common result. She just keeps coming back again!”


(Note: Kidman’s nose may have made the survey, but her mesmerizingly placid forehead somehow did not. Go figure.)

But it doesn’t end there. Guys want eyes like -- Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Think you share the same tastes as the rest of the country? Take our quiz (it’s after the break) and see which other stars are keeping plastic surgeons in fancy scrubs.

(You’ll find a link to the answers at the end. And this time we promise the link works. A small detail, but we’ve found it to be an important one.)

1. The most popular lips for men this year did not include those belonging to:

(a) David Duchovny

(b) George Clooney

(c) Brad Pitt

(d) Will Smith

2. The most popular hair for women this year did not include the tresses of:

(a) Blake Lively

(b) Lea Michele

(c) Taylor Swift

(d) Alicia Keys

3. When it comes to the body, women requested everyone except that belonging to:
(a) Fergie

(b) Gisele Bundchen

(c) Olivia Wilde

(d) Jennifer Lopez

4. For the ladies, whose eyes did not intrigue? (a) Megan Fox

(b) Jennifer Aniston

(c) Penelope Cruz

(d) Rihanna

5. Skin is skin is skin, right? Not for people who want celebrity skin. Whose skin did not make the grade? (a) Halle Berry

(b) Carey Mulligan

(c) Anna Paquin

(d) Heidi Klum

Click here for the answers, then come back and tell us how you did, OK? OK!

-- Leslie Gornstein

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