Five days of ‘The Runaways’! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning -- anatomy of a kiss


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How to close my five-day coverage of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning‘s ‘The Runaways’? With a kiss, of course.

Since the film’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, there’s been lots of talk about the actresses kissing in character as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, and the trippy montage of skin and sexuality that follows.

‘It’s pretty subjective,’ Stewart said of the girl-on-girl action. ‘It was never written in the script, like, ‘hardcore sex scene.’’

What was it like to film the scene, and what do the real-life ladies think of the results? I got the dish straight from Stewart, Fanning, Jett, Currie and director Floria Sigismondi.

Sigismondi told me the actresses were ‘such pros’ and understood their physical intimacy was crucial for the film. In fact, the director would’ve gotten away with more if Fanning were older.


‘There were a lot of things I couldn’t do that I wanted to do,’ she said.

Such as? ‘If I used an 18-year-old, I could’ve maybe had her topless ... just to give it a little more reality.’

‘The challenging part was all the rules,’ the director admitted -- meticulous details such as, ‘One person can be on the bed; the other person can’t.’ An on-set teacher laid down the guidelines for how Fanning, who turns 16 next month, could be depicted in romantic scenes.

Sigismondi maintains ‘it forced me to film it in a different way,’ something Fanning seemed grateful for.

‘There was nothing in the script I couldn’t do,’ Dakota said.

Currie was pleased with how the flick handled her relationship with Jett, saying that in the ‘70s ‘there was this bisexuality thing that was going down, and why not?’

Jett, retaining every bit her rocker mystique, shrugged and told me, ‘I’m not a kiss-and-teller.’

Are you excited to see the Stewart-Fanning smooch? Is this a defining moment or just movie hype? Tell me in comments.


-- Matt Donnelly

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