PREACH IT! More gory details on Tiger Woods’ sexcapades emerge. And boy are they gory

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Tiger Woods: great golfer, terrible husband. And also, as of today, a nasty little boy.

Thanks to Vanity Fair, we’re now learning that the wayward golf champ prefers quick and filthy sexual escapades over kept ladies and discreet apartments. It’s all, ahem, laid out, in the latest issue of the magazine, which features photos and interviews with a bunch of Woods’ ‘inconvenient women’ -- exactly the kind of gently amused wink-wink you’d expect from VF. They’re so above that sort of thing. Except that they’re so, so not.

Examples? Oh, they’ve got ‘em. We won’t go into the most graphic aspects of the piece -- not that we’re so, so above that -- but we will relay this: When Woods met Mindy Lawton for sex, and his office key wasn’t working, he drove Lawton to a nearby parking lot and did the deed with her there instead. Evidence -- wink, wink -- was left behind. On the asphalt.

Other revelations: Tiger’s toadies did, in fact, serve as go-betweens for the golfer’s lady friends, despite Woods’ insistence to the contrary. And for the most part ...

... Woods never bought the women anything, except for a Subway sandwich on one occasion. Loredana Jolie Ferriolo seems to be the exception; she once went on a shopping spree, charging $15,000 to Woods’ hotel room. Tongues are already clucking about these ladies and that tawdry magazine and how dare they flaunt all this shameful business, leave poor Tiger alone, blah blah blah. But Preach It is beyond pleased.


Woods was and is a liar -- to his wife, to business partners, to shareholders, to the buying public, to sports fans -- and it’s nice to see the cheap deception crumble. Even if it means learning exactly what Woods and Lawton left behind in that parking lot.

-- Leslie Gornstein

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