PREACH IT! Demi Moore saves the Earth, all by herself


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Demi Moore emerged Thursday to promote her latest project on Jay Leno‘s show. During the visit, Moore recounted the now-famous tale of how she used Twitter to help save the lives of two suicidal people. What’s interesting -- but not surprising -- about the retelling is how Moore managed to edit out some key details -- specifically, the other celebrity who was really responsible for preventing one of the tragedies. The first incident happened when Moore was in Europe; a woman tweeted to the actress that she was considering suicide. “My response to her just kind of alerted the -- what I would say the Twitter community,” Moore told Leno, “and people rallied and actually contacted the police department and were able to intervene in that situation.”

Almost a year later, Moore recalled, a young man tweeted the actress with a similar problem.


“I wrote him back saying, ‘Are you serious,’ and again people on Twitter responded, and they got there in time and helped to save this man’s life,” Moore told Leno.

Moore then segued the conversation to her own charity, and “what Ash and I are doing with our foundation.”

What never came up? The fact that actress Nia Vardalos was the one who actually got on the blower after Moore’s “R U rlly asking 4 help?” retweet. Vardalos personally spoke to law enforcement officials, who subsequently reached the young man before he could hurt himself, and followed the incident through to its safe conclusion.

“Just spoke to FL police again, they’re with [him] now,” Vardalos later tweeted. “He is ok, it’s not a hoax. Thank u all for sending love,’ she tweeted later. ‘I called suicide line, connected to FL police, I gave his name+city. They went to home, helped him.’

That story was all over the international media, but, apparently, never reached the inner sanctum of Moore’s BlackBerry.

Moore is infamous for rewriting other people’s stories to suit her own overblown sense of self; coming up next: How Demi Moore saved a plane full of terrified passengers with a daring landing on the Hudson!

-- Leslie Gornstein

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