A fourth alleged Mel Gibson tape goes public -- sex, therapy and why a maid is better


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A fourth tape alleged to be Mel Gibson ranting over the phone at ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was made public Wednesday -- is anyone surprised? -- by Radar Online, and this one has us really, really wishing there were time and date stamps attached to the recordings to provide better context to the unbridled rage and recurring topics.

This tape -- let’s call it ‘the one where the guy mentions burning down the house’ -- takes us back to the couple’s plan to go out to the Jacuzzi, and expands on the blowup over a sex act that didn’t happen because she fell asleep and he decided not to wake her up. (The Times has not independently verified the authenticity of the tapes, but no one connected to Gibson has called them into question.)


The Jacuzzi fight was mentioned in the second tape, made public Monday. Her calling him ‘mean’ comes up in tape No. 4 as well; it was also mentioned in tape No. 2. There’s a reference in the newest tape to Mel wanting the help of a maid -- possibly the employee he threatened to fire or report in the third tape, made public Tuesday. (And if you found that hard to follow, at the bottom of this article you’ll find links to posts on all the previous tapes.)

All of this mentioning occurs, of course, amid an anger-fueled blizzard of profanity. If you’re a tough-minded adult who’s OK with unbridled cussing, you can listen to the fourth tape here.

Apparently Grigorieva had requested his therapist’s phone number -- a request not warmly received. ‘Don’t you ever speak to him. Find your own ... therapist. ‘Cause you got problems more than me, and you had to ... push my buttons, and it’s not going to work with us, it’s not.

‘I can’t get like this anymore,’ he says, ‘and you know you’re doing it, and you’re a liar, and you’re dishonest ... so you stay ... away from me. Take care of your ... son, and I’d better have my daughter.’

One possible solution to the relationship mess?

‘I just want my daughter and a maid,’ he says. ‘It’s a lot less ... trouble. They clean up after themselves, they make your ... bed -- which you did not -- you don’t have to worry about emotional blackmail or any of the other ... that you put me through. I just need a nice woman to look after my beautiful daughter and I don’t have to ... her or anything.’

One thing we agree with, no matter the context? The part where he says, ‘I can’t get like this anymore.’

-- Christie D’Zurilla

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