PREACH IT! Are we the only ones who haven’t been interviewed about Mel Gibson?


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Let’s be honest: Among schadenfreude enthusiasts, the Mel Gibson story is the gift that keeps on giving. First there were the meltdown recordings -- possibly doctored, possibly deliberately leaked, but undoubtedly mesmerizing no matter how you slice it.

Then came the second wave: The dramatic appearance of Gibson’s supportive ex-wife in family court, whisperings of criminal investigations against both Gibson and former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. And now comes a third phase. It’s devoid of the astoundingly creative verbal abuse that made Phase I so irresistible, but it’s got its charm nonetheless. It’s more about creeping paranoia, on both sides of the blowout.


Over at Team Grigorieva, the musician reportedly has asked ‘experts’ to sweep her house for hidden listening devices. Per TMZ, ‘Oksana is worried either Mel or the media has planted ...

... cameras or wiretapping devices,’ and wants them cleaned out. Planet Gibson, meanwhile, reportedly has deployed goons investigators to visit certain key witnesses in the case to see whether Grigorieva may have lied about her alleged abuse.

Simultaneously, law enforcement officials are expected to wrap up their twin investigations -- Gibson’s alleged domestic violence, Grigorieva’s alleged extortion -- in the next few days and turn them over to the district attorney.

Before they do that, though, investigators are pretty much beating every bush and roping in every person who’s had even the most tenuous connection to the mess. Take publicist Howard Bragman, who represented Grigorieva for about five minutes. Per the Hollywood Reporter, investigators want to ask Bragman about where Grigorieva may have gotten the cash to pay him -- say, whether that cash came from, you know, selling access to certain audio recordings.

In a way, we’re offended. At this hour, we here at Preach It! appear to be the only ones who’ve not been contacted by investigators.

-- Leslie Gornstein

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