PREACH IT! Mel Gibson’s baseball-bat army gets a pro-wrestling recruit


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Another day, another leaked telephone meltdown involving threats against an ex.

With every week that passes, we get more evidence that Mel Gibson has birthed an unholy army of men who want to put somebody in a rose garden with a baseball bat, or something like that. A couple of weeks ago we heard about former child star Edward Furlong, who was hit with a restraining order after allegedly leaving vicious messages for his estranged wife.

The messages are apparently so vile they’d make the beard on the Lincoln Memorial bleed, so we won’t repeat them here, other than to say they involve the ripping out of someone’s internal organs — and, yes, a baseball bat.


But the latest mini-Mel appears to be a man — oh, wait, scratch that; we mean ‘legendary wrestler’ — with the adorable moniker of Badd Ass Billy Gunn.

Mr. Ass has apparently left some terrible recordings of his own, in this instance ...

... for the benefit of a reported mistress. The mistress is named Deborah ‘Pinky’ Simovitch. Just to confuse matters, she calls her boyfriend Kip. The good news: Kip Ass reportedly has no use for baseball bats or disembowelment. Instead, if Simovitch is to be believed, our legendary wrestler prefers that his mistress meet her end — or, at least, suffer some serious insurance deductibles — via exploding car.

It’s inevitable that the press will face some sort of scrutiny over how it handles the Kip case from this point on. No doubt it will garner fewer headlines than Gibson’s recent crackups, and that no doubt will lead to accusations that reporters are giving Mr. Ass an unfair ‘free pass.’

To those eventual accusers, we offer you this early response: Mel Gibson was in ‘What Women Want’ and had a fortune once estimated at around $1 billion. Billy Gunn calls himself Badd Ass.

Now guess which fall from grace is going to get more press.

— Leslie Gornstein

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