Beyonce’s pregnancy sucks Jay-Z into over-the-moon celeb hive mind


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Now that a pregnant Beyonce has revealed her baby bump unto us (come, let us adore it), husband Jay-Z has come forth with his own proclamation of joy.

Except he didn’t use the word joy. Instead, an ‘insider’ close to Mr. Z told Us Weekly that the daddy-to-be is ‘over the moon.’ If the phrase sounds familiar, that’s because it is.


As soon as a star gets pregnant, the couple’s vocabulary shrinks to a half-dozen words, including the perennial ‘ecstatic’ and, of course, the pablum ‘over the moon.’ Stars who have been over the moon in recent years include, well, everybody, among them Britney Spears, Lindsay Price, Lily Allen, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman.

Khloe Kardashian, who is not pregnant, nonetheless has said she would be ‘over-the-moon excited’ if she ever were.

Most of these insipid statements are coming from personal celebrity publicists, of course -- people not exactly known for their creative gifts. Still, we couldn’t help wondering why nobody ever thought to mix things up, especially Mr. Hova, who is generally known as a master wordsmith. (‘I got 99 problems but the fetus ain’t one.’ See? We just made that up. Mr. Z can pay us care of Tribune Inc.)

Our first instinct was the bring down the banhammer on every publicist who feeds us those words from now until the End of Days, but instead we floated the question: Why over the moon? Why not infused with jubilation, or chock full o’ jollies, or a-brim with jouissance, or tap dancing on a wave of reproductive felicity?

‘My guess?’ ventures personal publicist and new mom Heidi Krupp-Lisiten. It has something to do with the harking back to the baby lullaby about ‘the cow jumping over the moon.’

‘I mean, how would it sound if you found out you were pregnant and said the dish ran away with the spoon?’ Krupp-Lisiten offered. Well, OK, there’s that.


‘Seriously,’ she assures the Ministry, ‘having a 6-month-old at 45 and re-reading and learning the songs does make you wonder about the moon.’

Now you know.


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-- Leslie Gornstein