Opinion: What ‘tea partyers’ should note during Thursday’s reading of the Constitution


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Thursday’s planned reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives has prompted some eye rolls from readers. ‘[It] is a gimmick the Republican leaders are employing to appease the Tea Party. As long as it IS being read, attendance should be mandatory,’ said BrentAbrahamson. Regular commenter tommythek50 demanded, ‘Those who carry pocket copies of the Constitution to show to the press when it suits their fancy need to actually read it as a reminder that they serve we, the people, rather than […] their own political agenda.’ And tulsadave added,’The problem is not with the constitution. The problem is with those that are unworthy to live under it.’

Gimmick or not, The Times’ editorial board doesn’t see the harm in a re-reading of the Constitution. The board just makes a few special requests of tea partyers in attendance. They are:


1. Listen to the whole thing.

2. Take note of Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, which ‘specifically authorizes Congress to pass laws enforcing the amendment’s guarantees of liberty, equality and due process.’

3. Listen closely to the ‘language in Article 1 granting Congress the authority to enact ‘all laws which shall be necessary and proper’ for executing its enumerated powers, including the right to regulate interstate commerce.” Meaning, Obamacare is constitutional.

4. Pay special attention to Article VI, recited below by, um, Richard Gere. The message: ‘It is impossible to reconcile this language with the belief, popular among some tea partyers, that America is a loose confederation of sovereign states.’


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