Opinion: Michele Bachmann: a serious candidate?

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Republican Michele Bachmann seems to be a serious presidential candidate, especially when compared to Sarah Palin, according to Op-Ed columnist Meghan Daum.

In the race between the two conservative moms, Bachmann undoubtedly comes out ahead, Daum says. Even though she might scare liberals, so far, she seems to know what she’s doing; we’ll just have to wait and see what dirt gets dug up. Here’s an excerpt from Thursday’s column:

It’s the word ‘authentic’ that stands out here. I find Bachmann’s extremism reprehensible, but you’ve got to give her this: She’s genuine about it. She doesn’t favor empty publicity stunts over lawmaking. Bachmann is a believer in every sense of the word. She believes what the Bible says, and she believes what she says, including that Glenn Beck can solve the debt crisis. And even though she’s made it clear that she’s sought God’s counsel in every campaign she’s waged, she also hired legendary strategist Ed Rollins for this one.

That suggests a level of accountability for her views and personal choices that we’ve rarely seen from Palin, who gives the impression that she’s too down-home for fancy advisors. The Palin narrative, after all, is in the ‘gee whiz, how’d this happen?’ vein. She’s a hockey mom first, not a mayor, governor or historian. Her teenage daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy resulted not from inadequate parenting or a broken educational system but just because, the Palin camp seemed to imply, she was part of an ordinary imperfect American family with ordinary challenges.


Readers were split on Bachmann, and most simply stuck to bashing each other.

A Perry-Bachmann ticket would do well

Perry-Bachmann would be a very strong ticket in the lefties will hate with a passion, but a ticket that can carry most of the same states Bush did in 2000 and/or 2004. Obama already lost his Osama bump & his approval rating is back down below 50% and still dropping...he will be VERY beatable in 2012.


Bachmann’s articulate and competent

I like Michele Bachmann. She’s a deadly combination of competence, experience, personal narrative and good looks. The fact that she has libtard temples throbbing makes me like her all the more. Just look at some of the hate-filled posts here. Ain’t it something?

Bottom line: Obama isn’t running against Bachmann or Romney or Pawlenty or even Huntsman. He’s running against his own damned self and a weak, failed presidency. It almost doesn’t matter WHOM the Republicans nominate, as long as that person has a plausible alternative plan they can articulate forcefully, and Bachmann has that in spades.


Bachmann’s too religious to be a plausible candidate

Ms Bachmann sounds like a plausible candidate until we learn she’s another Bible thumper. I hope someone on a TV interview asks her how old the Earth is. If she says, ‘6000 years, according to the Bible, which is literally true’ then she is unfit to govern.


Church and state need to remain separate

I will agree that Bachman is way more politically capable than Sarah Palin ever was or will be. With that said, Bachman’s unabashed following of Christianity should be setting up red flags. I am all for freedom of religion but what happens when school curriculum is altered because of contradictory views or people’s lives are drastically changed because of someone else’s religious views? Faith is a powerful thing but to impose that on others, many of whom are irreligious, would be catastrophic for any politician. Keep religion out of office and in the home.

--Mind Tricks

She’s brave for running despite inevitable liberal attacks

Ms. Bachmann may not win the nomination, but she will make a significant contribution to the discussion during the primary. Regardless of the false accusations and attacks, Ms. Bachmann is quite intelligent and has much more integrity than anyone in this administration. She also has the guts to run knowing full well the vicious attacks she will face from hateful libs. As for a few gaffes, a book could be written about Biden’s gaffes, and Obama has quite a tally too, from 57 states to being 3 years off on the date.

After three and a half years of Obama, I believe a strong majority of people will vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination.

--Boris Badinov

Bachmann needs to offer more solutions

So far, she is the most sincere Republican candidate, and comes closest to being the Anti-Barak. That said, she’s going to have to give us more on solutions and less on morals alone.


She’s just better at covering up her faults

Give me a break. We’re to take Bachmann seriously because she does a better job than Palin of covering up her ignorance and lies?


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