One Song: ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO is not worth celebrating


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Party rock is in the house? Please, no.

Two-hundred twenty-eight million people have watched the “Party Rock Anthem” video on Vevo since it was uploaded in March 2011, so we’re a little late in the game to argue against it. It’s the 15th most viewed video on YouTube ever, and no doubt nearly a billion other people worldwide have heard that squirrelly 130 beat-per-minute rhythm and squiggly melody in an ad, booming out of some teenager’s car or torturing an inner consciousness as an earworm. The anthem to rocking the party has been the most ubiquitous, and loathsome, song in America for the last six months. It’s not going away, ever.


It’s not just the music — which seems to steal the worst ideas from every cheesy house track of the past two decades — but the message. How many tweens are rapping along to the words “I’m running through these hos like Drano,” and therefore equating sex with getting the muck out of a sink?

Hundreds of millions of them, that’s how many, celebrating two dudes laying waste to the night. Last weekend Jersey Shore’s “DJ,” Pauly D, kicked off a Vegas set with “Party Rock Anthem.” It felt like bad taste distilled; we’re all lucky the universe didn’t collapse in on itself.


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—Randall Roberts