Watch it now: Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby on ‘Saturday Night Live’


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‘Saturday Night Live’ has been on target lately with its music-world sketches. Latest case in point: This weekend’s hilarious bit involving hip-hop power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new addition to the world, their baby girl Blue Ivy.

The comedy institution hasn’t always been tapped into the beat. Don’t hold us to historical record here, but it seems as if there was a long and lonely time, where cold winds blew across the empty plains of ‘SNL,’ in terms of pop stars and their endless foibles. Talk about missed opportunities! (And no, just for the record, a smarmy Justin Timberlake pretending to wrap his private parts in a box doesn’t count, as awesome as it was.)


A few weeks ago, Kristin Wiig took to Seth Meyers’ ‘Weekend Update’ as Lana Del Rey, to defuse the backlash that exploded on the torchy singer after singing a couple of songs that either flopped, confused or mesmerized, depending on your position. ‘Based on the public’s response,’ Wiig-as-Lana tells Meyers, ‘I must have clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem.’

This weekend’s sketch doesn’t handle something nearly as contentious. At the center of it all is a well-coiffed Blue Ivy, in her crib, feted by a variety of famous visitors -- a parade, it turns out, of top-notch imitations from the ‘SNL’ cast, including a suitably awkward Bon Iver, played by Timberlake sporting a fake bald pate.

We won’t ruin the best moments for you, but we wish we had Jay Pharoah hanging around the Pop & Hiss office, ready at a second’s command to launch into his spot-on Jay-Z ‘ha-ha-ha-ha, YEP!’ call.


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-- Margaret Wappler