‘Heroes’: Dania and ‘The Line’

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As the promo says: Everything you thought you knew ... is about to change!

Maybe not, but for the ‘Heroes’ faithful (and video makers), there’s finally a glimpse of where Tim Kring and the rest of the gang are going with all of this. Sylar and Noah (HRG) get to show their bad sides, which is great to behold. As another review puts it: Give the story a chance.

It’s all about influence: Sylar’s influence over Maya is growing, and he pushes her to kill despite her brother’s objections. West’s influence over Claire grows, and they pull a prank to get her on the cheer squad. (He picked her up and dropped her with no problem. Hmmm... ) The Company’s influence over Monica begins as Mohinder brings her into the fold, only to get a new watchdog with Niki brought back into the picture. Hiro lets love influence his decisions, altering the time line and probably creating a powerful enemy. And lastly, we don’t know who influences the deadly Noah (HRG), but we’re sure that the eight paintings he’s finally unearthed will be very, very influential.

Like last year, a dire future that results in millions dead is revealed. This time Peter, instead of Hiro, views it. Heck, Hiro may be to blame. Getting a kiss apparently trumps even the preservation of the space-time continuum.


And speaking of Hiro, I think Takezo Kensei is the person murdering the ‘generations’ crew. There, I said it! Comments here and elsewhere have pointed fingers at Peter Petrelli, the Invisible guy from last season, future Hiro, Parkman Sr. and more. I don’t think it’s any of them. I’ve thought about this for the past couple of episodes, and now events are leading that way. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. When it’s proved that I’m wrong (twists are great!), I’ll admit it, love it and move on. Or I may change my mind next week!

Once again, uh-oh about Maya. She’s starting to like using her powers, and the actress that portrays her, Dania Ramirez, is all for it.

Maya will probably play a big role in the dire, virus-plagued future we saw at the end of the episode. The ‘black tears’ she manifests seem to blind her from the truth around her, but Ramirez (and her love of Menudo) knew what she was getting into when she joined the cast. We got a chance for a five-question chat.

So, describe not only your power, but what you think your character’s role might be in the whole show?

Well, Maya’s power is a black venom/virus that runs through her infecting/going into the people around her once she is put in a stressful/vulnerable/fearful situation, causing this venom to take over people’s bodies to the point that it consumes them completely and they cry black if she is not stopped in time, causing them to not only cry black but also die! It first manifests in her and she cries as well, but she is immune to it. Honestly, I only know what my role is as far as the episodes I’ve filmed, which by now, I’m currently filming episode 11 ‘cause they (writers, producers, etc.) keep a very tight lip about everything. I have my own assumption of what role she will play in the whole show, but like I said, that is only an assumption. The only thing I can tell you is that she will play a Very Important role this season ‘cause that is what I’ve heard from them. As far as where I go in the next couple of episodes, expect a shocking encounter with a dark character, some change of heart in her and a lot of betrayal!

When you first saw yourself with the blood-filled eyes, what went through your head?

It’s not blood, it’s Black Tears, and I thought it was effing Cool! I was like, ‘I’ve heard of a Virgin that has supposedly cried Black.’ So the whole religion aspect of it ran through my head. And then I thought, ‘My nephews are gonna think I’m sooooo Cool!’

‘Heroes’ has been hailed as having lots of international flavor. Did that play into you going after the role?

Honestly, that was definitely one of the things that I loved about the show, ‘cause it is a representation of the World, not just the U.S. It gives you a peek at so many cultures, so the answer is yes. However, there were other variables that evoked interest in me for the show. The Creator having such a different vision; I like to be part of shows or play roles that make an impact in the entertainment world. And finally, the cast, crew , producers and writers are top-notch; I knew I would be working with the best of the best!

If you could play another character on the show, who would it be? Why?

Hard to say. I love my role ‘cause she has such an amazing arc! However, I love playing a villain ‘cause you have little boundaries, so I think I would love to be Syler!

If you had to have a powers-based showdown with another character on the show, who would defeat you?

That’s a tough one, ‘cause I don’t even have to be totally close to you to hurt you, so it would be really tough for someone to defeat me. Maybe Peter ‘cause he would have the power to do what I do and so many more, but I’m not sure ‘cause even he might not be immune to the black inside me. I do have a conscience, so that would be my weakness. I don’t know, unless someone could manipulate me into killing myself. Lol!

I smell a challenge!

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-- Jevon Phillips