‘Battlestar’s’ frakking Cylon civil war!?


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Denise Martin, your regularly scheduled showtracker, is off galavanting on her honeymoon.

We wish her well, but we couldn’t let this go. Catching up: In ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ season opener, Starbuck returns in the middle of a Cylon attack; Gaius is found not guilty and made into some sort of messiah after Lee’s long-winded monologue, and Anders -- one of the four who believe they are Cylons -- is confirmed through some eye-to-eye contact with a raider.


A lot happened in ‘Six of One’ (last night’s episode), yet there’s still so much unanswered -- including the big question of who the fifth Cylon really is. Gotta assume that little diddy may stay secret for a while, but BSG doesn’t seem afraid to reveal what we think are climactic plot points, only to open other cleverly concealed doors. Cult-status shows tend to do that.

Key line of the episode: ‘No one has ever voted against their own model!’

A frakking Cylon civil war? Lee leaving Galactica and the military? Possible Cylon Starbuck arrested, then freed and given her own command? Gaius Baltar bedding yet another babe? All happened. Most of it expected, but some pleasant surprises. The snippy Adama-Roslin exchange was particularly good. No hand-holding there.

‘I knew it’ moment: When Starbuck gave the gun to the president after taking her hostage.

I didn’t know it’ moment: Col. Tigh’s mock murder of Adm. Adama. For a split second, I thought ‘the old man’ was going down.

In this, its last season, many actors have been interviewed about that sense of ‘finality’ that hit them while filming. The Times’ Geoff Boucher had a heart-to-heart with Edward James, Katee Sackhoff spoke out, and Tahmoh Penikett (‘Helo’) gave it a Canadian spin. Some, like ‘Number Six’ Tricia Helfer, have already moved on with new deals and plans.

Luckily for us, it’s just starting.

-- Jevon Phillips, just a sub