‘American Idol’ Daily: Dawn of the David Archuleta


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After years lost in the darkness, on Nov. 11, America at last wakes up to a new age. Hope. Change. For so long, they have been just words -- especially to the vast legions of tween girls who watched ‘American Idol’ season after season wondering when it might finally be their chance to lead.

At last that day has come. For on this Veterans Day, America faces the morning light to find that David Archuleta, the Chosen One, foretold by ‘Idol’ prophecies, reared from the cradle on the works of Clarkson and Aiken, has released his solo album and begun his career at last.

The reviews are coming in, and in Idolland it will be a long week while we await the first sales numbers to come trickling in. But however things turn out for this album, as one who watched this young phenom burst upon the Idoldome, it has been incredible to to see his legend explode -- from the ‘Idol’ stage and on the national tour as tens of thousands made the rafters of stadiums quake with their their screams. And through it all, the boy from Murray amazingly remained seemingly untouched by the nuclear blasts of adoration. To all appearances, from the little I had the chance to interact with him, he stayed the same nervous, unfailingly polite, pathologically modest and humble lad he was when he first arrived at the Idoldome.


Much has been written about David’s father’s allegedly controlling ways backstage, and on that score I have no direct knowledge. But I can say that, from all I have seen, he has raised a very, very nice son, who defies nature with his ability to keep his head while all around him are losing theirs.

And today he becomes his own man. Mazel tov’s are very due.

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While the Chosen One takes his first steps onto the world stage, an array of Idols have been stirring things up left and right.

Appearing as this month’s Elle magazine cover girl, ‘Idol’s’ reigning queen, Carrie Underwood, adds her romantic life to the list of things she will not discuss. She tells profiler Dan Crane:

“If I say I am or I’m not, as soon as this magazine comes out, it might be the opposite of what I tell you now. In three months, it’ll be ‘Carrie said she’s not dating anybody,’ yet last night, I was out on the town with some guy. He’s going to get mad at me. Everybody’s going to think I’m a liar. It’s just best not to go there.”

More important than the Underwood interview, Elle’s pages contain perhaps the most incredible photos ever seen of ‘Idol’ contestants as the magazine gives them makeovers with a decidedly goth tinge. Be sure to check out Kristy Lee Cook and the Chosen One in an against-type recast of ‘The Wild One.’

And Elle is just one front in what seems to be an all-out-invasion of the world of fashion by ‘Idol’ alums. On the other end of the spectrum, Season 6 champion Jordin Sparks announced today her maiden outting as a designer. A press release from the specialty retailer Wet Seal describes the line thusly:


The collection, appropriately named ‘Sparks’, will begin with an assortment of holiday dresses delivering to stores just in time for the busy Thanksgiving weekend. The collection will later include casual apparel and accessories. Each piece will reflect Jordin Sparks’ youthful and collected sense of style. The line is currently set to launch on November 19, 2008 and will come in sizes XS to XL.

Finally, a little bit of news on the anxiously awaited solo career of the Greatest Performer in ‘Idol’ History (TGPIH), Carly Smithson. In a chat on the Carly’s Angels website, Her Grace revealed she has signed a manager and has been spending time in the studio recording some new songs. Unfortunately, despite rumors of an imminent release of a duet between Herself and the Duende From Down Under, Michael Johns, Carly says that those plans have been tabled for the moment while they work on their respective solo projects.

And while all this goes on ... somewhere in Hollywood ... under a shroud of secrecy, the eighth ‘American Idol’ winner is now enduring the hardest week of her life.

-- Richard Rushfield