‘Biggest Loser’: Oh no she didn’t!

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Let’s just cut to the chase, bypass the ‘80s nonsense (I hope Alison Sweeney got paid extra to wear that ridiculous outfit during her failed attempt to talk like a Valley girl) and get right to the shocking elimination results.

Is Amy INSANE? Did she lose all her marbles with all that weight? What in the world could she possibly be thinking?? The way I see it, Amy’s decision to vote off Coleen and side with the Devil -- I’m sorry, I mean Vicky -- accomplished only one thing: Now everyone in the house will be gunning for Amy.

How in the world did it come to this?

Amy is an under-the-radar player who to date has lost the largest percentage of her body weight while at the Biggest Loser Ranch. That makes her a front-runner in this weight-loss competition. She had largely been playing it cool, voting alongside her teammates on the blue team. But when the teams were desolved and it was every man or woman for themselves, Amy said she began to get more strategic in her thinking.

That led her to surprising results last week, when she had a big ‘I-am-woman-hear-me-roar’ moment and declared that she was going to start acting in her own best interests for the first time after a lifetime filled of worrying about everyone else’s needs. She then cast the deciding vote to kick Vicky’s husband, Brady, out of the game. The move was the first step toward breaking up a powerful foursome that also included Heba and her husband, Ed. It seemed like a shrewd move: The foursome had vowed to work in unison to control the game, and no doubt would have turned on Amy when it suited their needs. Breaking up that alliance cleary bolstered Amy’s chances in the competition and eliminated a viable competitor.

But Amy seemed to crumble under the weight of the maneuver.

She seemed shocked and hurt that Vicky, Heba and Ed felt betrayed. Vicky spent the week cursing up a storm whenever Amy’s name was mentioned, and went so far as to make a ‘Revenge’ poster and tape it to her bedroom door for motivation. But how surprised could Amy have really been? Heba had proven herself to be a double-crosser from Day One. Ed does what Heba says. Brady did whatever Vicky said -- and Vicky has long since proven herself to be a conniving snake without equal. (Hey, don’t look at me, Bob said it first!) Speaking of Bob: When he found out what Amy had done at last week’s elimination, he told her in so many words that she needed to man up and own her decision if she was going to win the game.


Instead, Amy crumpled.

She even went and apologized to Vicky, changing her story along the way to say that she only voted against Brady because she wasn’t sure that Vicky-Brady-Heba-and-Ed really had her back.

OK, that may be true, but wasn’t it already too late to try to make up for that?

So it would have seemed like the elimination would have been a no-brainer when Coleen and Vicky -- VICKY!!! -- fell below the yellow line and were on the chopping block for elimination. OF COURSE Amy would vote against Vicky, since she had said she was in this thing to win and Vicky had spent the week making her life miserable.

But no.

Looks like Amy inexplicably wimped out at the end, couldn’t stand the thought of being portrayed as a turncoat. In the end, she voted to save Vicky -- VICKY!!!!-- and eliminate Coleen.

Am I completely misreading this situation? Didn’t Amy just create a new set of enemies by voting Coleen off? (Coleen had formed a pretty tight bond with mom-and-daughter duo Renee and Michelle, who are no doubt upset by the loss of their teammate.)

Or is there some smart game-playing going on and I am just missing it?

-- Rene Lynch