“So You Think You Can Dance”: The aliens have landed


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Remember how last week I said I was glad that the audition episode just had a lot of talent, not a lot of oddballs? Well, we weren’t as lucky tonight. I could tell the bar would be lowered with the presence of Demetrio ‘Biggie’ Bargas, a large guy whose presence was aided by a corny ‘BOING’ sound effect whenever he bounced around. Sure, he and his partner Brandon ‘Shorty’ Smallwood were entertaining, but the judges really didn’t need to put either of them through to choreography. Same thing with Jarivs Johnson. Note to ‘SYCYD’ producers: Repeated high-pitched screeching (especially in addition to Mary Murphy’s) does not make for entertaining TV. His dancing was ‘most entertaining guy on the dance floor at the wedding’ at best, and the judges put him through as a joke, obviously, but the joke is old. And there were a handful of other oddballs who auditioned who weren’t that fun to watch.

Fortunately, there were a few auditioners who I’m looking forward to seeing in Vegas, most specifically Sasha Mallory, who seemed like pliable Mia Michaels material, and Jonathan ‘Legacy’ Perez. Personally he’s not my favorite b-boy to appear on the show so far, but last season was sorely lacking in hip-hop dancers, so I hope we see more of him or dancers like him.


Of course the most noteworthy dancers of the night were Willem de Vries and Jacob Jason, the same-sex ballroom dancers. Unlike the guys who tried out last season, they oozed coolness and confidence before they even tried out. Mia Michaels cried after their performance, but frankly, I’m tired of crying over ‘SYTYCD’ performances. I agreed with Nigel that the more important thing was that they portrayed good, strong ballroom. He then sent them to choreography, where they looked more than comfortable dancing with the ladies as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do in Vegas and hope that at least one of them makes it to the top 20.

Next week we head to Boston. I hope the talent there will outweigh the sideshow.

-- Claire Zulkey

(Photo: Fox)