‘90210’: Even rich girls get the blues

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The poor little rich girls of “90210” just couldn’t catch a break this week. The thing is they all seemed to make decisions that seemed logical to them at the time, but put into motion some pretty terrible events. Let’s look at those defining moments, shall we?

The biggest news of the night is that Adrianna broke up with Navid quite suddenly while they were having dinner. Sure, she could have waited until after he got the shrimp – he debated it long enough – but, the thing is I don’t blame her for doing it. I can already feel the hate tweets coming, but hear me out.

For weeks now, we’ve watched Adrianna shuffle between her attraction to Teddy and the relative safety of her relationship with Navid. Anybody, including Navid if he paid attention, could see the snowball of hurt whirling at him. In a way, Ade was doing him a favor by breaking up with him. The truth is she never really cheated on him. Teddy, at least from my standpoint, initiated all the kisses. Let’s stand in Ade’s trendy and retro shoes for one second. You’re dating a guy who’s great in every way, but you have another guy that piques your interest. He’s handsome, carefree, supports your nutty desire to be an actress, and is totally into you. Oh, and by the way, you’re in high school. I say you need to explore other avenues, test the waters, and break up with your nice boyfriend before you’re initiating the kisses (and then some) with the other man. In my opinion, Navid is better off. The thing is Ade isn’t. Here’s where she may have deserved your judgment …

Navid’s shrimp hadn’t even left the kitchen and Ade was already prepared to text Teddy. That was cold. Teddy is even worse. After spending the day with her, Teddy tells Ade he’s not into relationships, so he’s not playing in her fantasy anymore. Then, Teddy’s still not finished – he later tells Navid about their kiss. When Ade goes to rekindle her relationship with Navid, he won’t have anything to do with her. So, rather than hating on the girl, shouldn’t we feel bad for her? How will the newly resurfaced “Drama-Adrianna” bounce back from the fallout of her decisions? Let’s hope it isn’t drugs and irresponsible sex – that’s so last season.


Annie had a rough night …

After last week, I really wanted Annie to make a choice. Is she into Jasper or does she just put up with him because she just so happened to have killed his uncle? OK, so it’s not that simple. It seemed she answered my question, though, when at the beginning of the show she showed a real interest in Jasper’s hoity-toity cinema addiction. It doesn’t take long before jock-tastic Mark gets jealous, though, and he tells her that Jasper pulled a knife on someone the year before. Sufficiently (and understandably) freaked out, Annie begins to create some distance between Jasper and herself. Later, Jasper watches as she climbs into Mark’s car after school. After some boozing it up (sound familiar?), Mark ends up forcing himself on her. Suddenly, Jasper comes out of nowhere and saves her from yet another foul move by Mark. You’d think Annie would know better by now. Jasper’s sudden appearance, while lucky for Annie now, further cements his creepiness in my mind. He’s either got some crazy intuition or he’s just crazy, right? Later, we see Jasper with, surprise, a knife as he’s scratching it into Mark’s car and punctures a tire. Judging by her history, Annie should take up karate.

Naomi and Silver both had run-ins with their sisters. In Silver’s case, it’s because Kelly cares too much about her. For Naomi, it’s the opposite: Jen only cares about herself. In the end, Silver and Kelly are on the outs and Silver has decided to move in with her sick mother. Naomi falls for every one of Jen’s tricks and hands over $100,000 to help fight Jen’s trumped-up European divorce. With the money burning a hole in her pocketbook, Jen turns around and buys a thoroughbred horse she had been eyeing that promises to earn her some much needed income. She may be a liar, but at least she always gets what she wants. The thing is, I can’t say the same for the rest of the gals.

-- Jethro Nededog

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Photos, from top: Jessica Lowndes, left, as Adrianna Tate-Duncan, Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver and AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark on “90210.” Credit: Patrick Wymore / The CW; Zach Sherman as Jasper and Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson on “90210.” Credit: Patrick Wymore / The CW