‘90210’: Debbie goes rogue, Dixon is no daddy, and Ade just gets creepier


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Oh, “90210,” you really brought the crazy this week. After last week’s repeat episode, this week’s made the wait well worth it. Jasper is a drug dealer. Adrianna tearfully serenades Navid with a creepy song, and he still shuts her down. Jen walks in on Ryan while he’s romancing some chick. And Dixon confesses to his parents that he has knocked someone up. All that goes down even before the theme song plays, people!

First of all, let’s just get this out in the open. One of my burning questions from last week’s post has been answered: Is Sasha (Mekia Cox) really preggers? After Dixon (Tristan Wilds) confesses that he got Sasha pregnant, Debbie went into overdrive. Finally, someone with some sense. Anyone who reads my “90210” Show Tracker posts, even irregularly, knows that I heart Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson.


Tonight, Debbie couldn’t have made me any more proud. As soon as Dixon spilled the beans, Detective Wilson was on the case. Right away, she goes with him to Sasha’s house and she begins gathering the evidence. Then, she realizes that she met Sasha earlier at a nail salon and she must have followed her there for intel on Dixon. Debbie returned the favor by following Sasha to a coffee shop and catching her in a lie about hearing the baby’s heart during a sonogram. According to Debbie, a baby’s heartbeat can’t be detected until six weeks into the pregnancy. Sasha wasn’t that far along, yet. Later, Debbie consoles Dixon, instead of telling him the truth about Sasha’s fake pregnancy, after Sasha tells Dixon she had a miscarriage. That was very big of Debbie. I, for one, am not that gracious. Did I call that Sasha was faking her pregnancy or what? Never trust a girl who wears that much costume jewelry.

Navid (Michael Steger) also made quite a comeback this week after his absence in the last episode. First, he stood his ground with Ade (Jessica Lowndes). Even my cold, black heart went out to her after she serenaded him at the beginning of the show. That was, of course, after I realized she wasn’t going to pull a gun out of her guitar and kill him. Once the fear subsided, I felt so bad for her. I was almost sure he would take her back after that. To his credit, he didn’t. Instead, he went over her rap sheet, which included cheating on him after all he’d been through with her, breaking up with him to get with Teddy (Trevor Donovan) and lying about it. The thing is, he’s right. What if Teddy was down for a relationship as she hoped? Would she still be trying to get him back with crazy in her eyes? If we as the viewers don’t know for sure, then Navid surely doesn’t. I’m with Team Navid on this one. [Note, an earlier version of this post mistakenly had ‘Troy’ Donovan instead of Trevor.]

Navid’s second big plot line this week affects both Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Ade. While pitching a story on teen drug use, Gia (Rumer Willis) tells him that Jasper (Zach Sherman) would be a great source for information on the topic, since he’s indeed a drug dealer. Navid takes the information to Annie, who refuses to believe it. Later, she confronts Jasper and he throws a crazy fit and breaks up with her. Realizing that she just lost the only person who will actually hang out with her, Annie apologizes for believing that he could deal drugs. Of course, moments later, he excuses himself to meet a desperate Ade. She had been lingering on the edge of the wagon the entire episode and just as Jasper hands her a bag of pills, it seems she has finally fallen off of it. We’re left with the question: After last season and all the hard work she’s done to get clean, will she actually take them?
This week, Liam’s storyline was all about relationships...

Over the past few weeks, he has been building one with Ryan (Ryan Eggold). Then, Jen (Sara Foster) enters the picture. After she walked in on his date with the Silverlake bartender he met in a previous episode, Jen’s jealousy gets the better of her. When Ryan confronts her, she admits she was jealous and agrees to stop dating other men if he would be exclusive too. At a party that seemed built to sell “Soundtrack 90210” with its awkward Pharrell with N.E.R.D. and Samantha Ronson cameos, the new couple runs into Liam (Matt Lanter).

When she realizes that Liam and Ryan are growing close, Jen fears that he will tell Ryan that they hooked up last year on prom night. She snuffs out the bromance by telling Ryan a lie that Liam propositioned her at the party. Ryan believes her and confronts him. Instead of denying it and telling the truth (which if Liam would just start doing, he may not find himself in so much drama all the time. But, what’s the fun in that?), Liam storms off.

While in his workshop, Ivy (Gillian Zinser), the new surfer girl, arrives to check in on Liam, and they end up finally making out. Meanwhile, we get another look at the item covered by a tarp. It’s huge. But my question from last week’s post, in which I ask what’s under the tarp, still goes unanswered. After tonight’s small hint, what do you think it could be?

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