‘Brothers & Sisters’: Nora gets her groove back

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Nora Walker got back in the saddle again on Sunday night’s ‘Brothers & Sisters’ -- and with a younger man to boot. However, one would think that she’d act more swept off her feet by Simon, the handsome, motorcycle-riding oncologist who volunteers at her cancer center, but the age difference was still an issue for her.

To be honest, I was relieved that it was an issue for Nora. In the age of ‘Cougar Town’ and the various ‘Real Housewives,’ which depict mothers of a certain age proudly prowling for younger men, it was refreshing to see the insecurities behind such a pairing more realistically explored. Granted, Nora is a decade or so older than the women on those shows, which would justify her pause even more. As she mentions, she has five grown children and four grandchildren -- she’s not trying to be one of those women attempting to squeeze into skinny jeans.
Nora’s hesitation to flaunt her relationship in public did seem a tad irrational at first. Simon isn’t a twentysomething loafing around looking for a sugar mama. He’s 47, successful, worldly and quite the looker. After he finagled an invitation from her to the wine festival, he set some tongues wagging, particularly with Ojai’s new board chair. Nora felt empowered initially and gave a rousing retort that made me say ‘Ahh snap!’ But her confidence was quickly deflated when a photographer mistook Simon for her son during a photo op. Oops! By then, Simon’s frustrations were apparent and he blamed Nora’s fear of adventure and spontaneity on her sheltered life. I’m glad she later proved him wrong.

Nora explained that her fears did have something to do with where she comes from but not in the way Simon had thought. His free-spirited attitude reminded her of William, but the difference was that Simon welcomed her along with him for the ride. Her speech was heart-felt and the best way to treat the insecurities she displayed early on. I hope this means we’ll be seeing Nora on the back of that motorcycle again.

While Nora was coming to terms with her relationship, Sarah was inadvertently sabotaging hers with Luc. Gilles Marini referred to their conflict when we spoke last week, so we knew something was brewing. Sarah’s pragmatism once again got in the way of her personal happiness. Her concerns were perfectly valid; she had been married to an artist who resented her for being the breadwinner. This time around, she wanted a man with a plan, and Luc was setting off some red flags. He seemed perfectly happy helping her with the laundry and watching the kids all day (is that so bad?), so she decided to give him the job of designing the bottle label for Walker Landing’s new wine. Little did she know that asking a painter to create a label was like asking a classical composer to write a commercial jingle.


Things got even more awkward when Luc showed up at the wine festival to support his girlfriend but got treated as a client instead. Their relationship then got real, and it was time to put all the cards on the table. Sarah preferred things defined and calculated while Luc felt love was all they needed to get by. Their opposing philosophies resulted in him heading back home to France, leaving Sarah right back where she started. Don’t worry, Gilles fans! He’s been signed on for four additional episodes, so that isn’t the last we’ve seen of Luc Laurent.

The rest of the episode mainly focused on fertility. Kevin and Scotty were in the process of choosing a donor mother for their child while Rebecca continued to struggle to find the right time to tell Justin she’s pregnant. The future of either baby Walker still seems uncertain though it looks as though Kevin and Scotty will have an easier time with parenting. Justin, get your head out of the books for one second and see what’s going on!

Time to share your thoughts, readers. Do you like Nora’s new love interest? Whose side would you take: Sarah’s or Luc’s? Sound off in the comments section!

--Enid Portuguez